Mark Porcelli and Honest-1 Auto Care

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Growing up in your father’s shadow can have its advantages. Every situation is different, but for Mark Porcelli the experience paid off. His Dad was the owner of a family-owned truck dealership. Growing up in the family business gave Mark the desire to one day to own a business.

Once finished with schooling Mark became a franchise owner for another well-known auto franchise brand Midas. The Midas experience lasted six years and was well worth the time and effort. It gave him valuable lessons for a franchise business. After raising sales seventy percent, Mark sold the business and went to work for another franchise, Snap on Tools. This position was similar to a district manager position. Selling, recruiting and mentoring franchises.

Having all this great experience paid off as Mark discovered Honest-1 Auto Care. Honest-1 Auto Care is an eco-friendly company, offering a full range of automotive service and repairs. Mark did not buy a franchise, he purchased the Master Territory License for Middlesex, New Jersey. This was in 2006 and the following year followed with his first store opening.

Recently Mark franchised out his first store in his territory. Applications are now being considered for other franchise stores in Mark’s territory. His experience and knowledge of the automotive service business has lead him to holding a seat on the “Board of Advisors” as well as “the Ad fund committee” for Honest-1 Auto.

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