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Can you imagine working for yourself in the auto paint and body repair business for almost twenty years? What about then deciding to sell yourself to the competition? Sure, just hand me the big fat check and I will sign you up. Well, Peter Capdevielle who ran and owned his own independent body near Laguna Hills in southern California did just that. Maaco was his choice as a franchise.

Attention small business owners. If you have been doing the same thing over and over and over for years, should you continue? People in general are afraid of change by nature. It is hard to step out of that comfort zone. It happens in business all the time. Well, I am paying my bills on time usually, I have two days off in a row next month, my rent is going up, and I have to miss my son’s baseball game because of the business or what?

Or what is the decision Peter Capdevielle decided on. He realized it was time to join big brother. It is not easy to hand over a check to someone in the same profession as you. Having lasted almost twenty years as an independent operator is a great accomplishment. Turning the page for Peter Capdevielle was an even greater accomplishment.

Even with all his experience Peter still had to go to Maaco school for training. He had to be taught the complete Maaco system. Peter had to learn the Maaco shop work, office, marketing and the selling steps to success.

Now a couple of years later Peter Capdevielle is doing something he never did before. He now is advertising locally and nationally with Maaco. Something he rarely did before. To his surprise the advertising has been incredibly effective.

Peter also does something else he never did before. In the old days his shop would repair and paint three or four cars per week. Now those numbers are twenty to twenty-five cars per week.

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