Victory Lane – Quick Oil Change Franchise

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $75000

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes



Car Franchise Victory Lane Quick Oil Change is one of the oldest quick lube businesses in the country, started in 1980, and continuously managed by the Founder, Derrick Oxender..S.  We have incorporated a distinctive architectural design to attract customers. Customers are provided with the most current products, delivered by the latest equipment. Franchisees buy products at cost directly from the finest national suppliers thus keeping  our overhead lowest in the industry. Our goal is to grow from 30 stores to over 100 in the next 5 years and we seek aggressive, multi-store owners who will be key to our growth.

Say some key features:   This car franchise is solid, recession proof and having strong consumer demand! Become part of one of the best quick lube franchise opportunities in the United States. Every car owner needs it’s oil changed, and with more demands on Americans’ time than ever before, the increase in population growth, and stringent government regulations on used oil disposal, the demand for do-it-for-me quick oil changes has increased significantly. Think of all the new neighborhoods being developed. For each new home built, there are 1, 2, 3, 4 or more drivers with vehicles, and each of these cars needs its oil changed an average of 3.7 times a year, according to the Automotive Oil Change Association. This means that new customers are literally moving into your area all the time, and just waiting for a Victory Lane Quick Oil Change center to open and change their oil and major automotive fluids. Could you be the quick oil change franchisee they are looking for?

Personal review of  Victory Lane Franchise

by James Walsh

Victory Lane automotive franchise is a quick oil change company primarily located in five states, with Michigan being home to twenty some franchises. I was on a business trip to Michigan and noticed their great building design. Checkered black and white squares have been incorporated into their building design and logo. Being a big NASCAR race fan, it drew my attention. Ah yes, the checkered finish line. Since my meeting was not until the next day, I pulled into a Victory Lane business, just to get an impression and of course kill sometime. The business looked great and was very clean. Everyone was very courteous even though I was driving a rental car and obviously not looking to spend any money. I grabbed their handout brochure for something to read. This franchise was started in 1980 by Derick Oxender. He is still the president of the company and very actively involved to this day. Wow thirty-four years and counting. I would say that is pretty impressive. Victory Lane is your typical quick oil change business.

Besides the usual oil change services, they also change transmission fluids, flush radiators, replace the serpentine Belts, sell wiper blades, tire rotation, and service gear boxes on 4×4’s, headlights and a few other services. Victory Lane service centers are open six days a week, which makes it nice for the working man.

Another feature of the business is that they offer notifications of when your auto is next due for service. I know in my car, the buzzer sounds for service, I reset the tracker and forget all about servicing my auto. Victory Lane will text, email or even mail you a notice as a reminder to service your car. I talked to the service manager for a quick couple of minutes. He was wishing he could qualify for his own store. The company is planning to expand to one hundred stores in the next five years. They are planning to be very aggressive. I see the Minimum Investment required $75000. I wished the manager good luck and hit the road.