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Minimum Investment: $296,500

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Financial Assistance Provided: Yes


MAACO franchising represents a great business opportunity in an area where there is no national competition. MAACO is the leading auto painting and collision repair franchised chain in the aftermarket industry. We hold a 47% of the lion’s share of the $1 billion auto painting market and have serviced more than 16 million vehicles since inception in 1972.Our chain represents approximately 500 privately operated centers located throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our operating system has led franchise owners to success for more than a quarter of a century. Previous automobile experience is NOT necessary.

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a personal review by a current franchise owner Mike

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Facts and Family Experience with Maaco Franchising

My family recently had a good experience with the auto paint and repair company Maaco. Let me add my disclaimer now by saying that I am not an employee or representative of Maaco. My family and I discovered a truly good company and I thought I would share a few facts with everyone. Many people already know Maaco and their business model, but I feel it is worth repeating.

A few weeks ago my oldest son decided to repair, fix and paint his older car. A wise decision on his part since he is a family man, with a wife, two sons and a mortgage. We were talking about where to take his vehicle and have the work done. Fortunately we have not needed to hire a paint and body shop for several years. We began our search to find a business close to home, reliable, and affordable.

At first our search seemed to be limited and frustrating. Our local small town repair paint shop had closed during the recession a few years ago. Someone we could trust and knew, but was now out of business. There is also another shop in town. We talked to the owner and he mentioned that for a “cash price” they could fix the car. Hmmm…NO thanks. Next we talked about the two car dealerships located nearby. Our friends had already warned us about their Billed vs Actual Labor Time. Ouch! Not for us. Now it was search the internet time. Every search returned almost the same company in our area, Maaco. I must be honest. Generally I am not a big franchise guy. As a former business owner, I love to support the Mom and Pop businesses and spend locally. Here is our Maaco story.

The closest Maaco location was less than twenty miles away. Not too bad of a drive. The business was clean, the manager was great and the bid price on my son’s car seemed fair. We set the appointment and dropped the car off a few days later to be repaired and painted. A couple days later the auto was ready to pick up. To our surprise, everything looked great. Paint and body work was excellent. I almost felt disappointed. A franchise company business which delivered as promised. The Franchisee was so professional and great with us.

The next day I was back home on the internet researching the company Maaco. I knew the name as the company has been around for years. Maaco’s website was very informative. has Maaco ranked #1 in their category for 2014. It is #139 on their list of the top 500 franchises in the USA. Franchises for Maaco are available if you meet their requirements. Their business model seems so complete and supportive. On their website potential income is talked about. A six figure income can be obtained upon following the business model. Looks like time to get off the couch and talk to Maaco about my future.