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This is my second article this week about an executive recruiter, who lost his job during the recession. This time the executive recruiter was a gentleman named James Growney of Rochester New York. James, like so many of us, was out of work for about one and half years. Of course, no one was hiring, but instead firing, so Mr. Growney was as we say “looking”.
If you can get qualified a franchise in today’s market it seems to be the way to go. Proven models with a track record and many times proprietary software seem to be the norm for franchises. James and his father discovered that Batteries Plus Bulbs were looking to expand into the Rochester New York area. James went to work to investigate Batteries Plus. Once his research was complete, he applied and qualified for the franchise.
Batteries Plus was lucky to land Mr. Growney as a franchisee. Developing a key location and remodeling the store was very strategic. James included a Tech Center, where his employees could run tests on batteries, even car batteries. Realizing the unlimited potential for batteries inspired James. Batteries Plus and Bulbs has access to over 40,000 different types of batteries. The story goes that one day James realized that all the key cards in hotels are battery powered. Hotels are big battery users. Many of the hotels were special ordering their batteries. Now the Rochester hotels have a local source for all their needs. I just did a quick search for hotels in Rochester. Hmmmm….only eighty-one! Wow, the battery is charged and the bulbs are burning.
Jim Walsh

Food & Beverage Consultant
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Bio: 30 plus years’ experience of restaurant ownership, management, sales and consulting

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