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Making the switch to Maaco

Can you imagine working for yourself in the auto paint and body repair business for almost twenty years? What about then deciding to sell yourself to the competition? Sure, just hand me the big fat check and I will sign you up. Well, Peter Capdevielle who ran and owned his own independent body near Laguna […]

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Batteries Plus Bulbs Winner

We have all been there at one point or another. We talk ourselves into a purchase of a poor product, a salesman does a good job on something you really do not need or for many people today, an internet scam gets their money. The slang term “you got hosed” pops into my head. There […]

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Batteries Plus Bulbs Winner

This is my second article this week about an executive recruiter, who lost his job during the recession. This time the executive recruiter was a gentleman named James Growney of Rochester New York. James, like so many of us, was out of work for about one and half years. Of course, no one was hiring, […]